NVC practice group (online) 

Thus far, all practice groups were in English. They are a safe space for you to practice empathy, self-empathy and authentic self-expression. My practice groups may be of particular interest to you if you frequently believe that you fall short of your own or others’ expectations, if you experience acute or continuous conflict in your workplace or if you feel stuck because of internal conflicts. These are only potential topics. In the end, it is always the group members who decide where to take their practice.

I recommend that you have been introduced to the principles of NVC either through a training/workshop or by studying Marshall Rosenberg’s book.

Dates and times

Dates and times for the third practice group will be announced here when the time ripe :-). To make sure you won’t miss it, join my newsletter.




    For the duration of the set number of sessions, this is a closed group, so you can experience the trust that emerges in this safe space. There are eight available spots. As soon as I have received your payment for all sessions your place is secure and you will receive the link for all five sessions. For payment instructions, please see below.

    Impression from past participants

    I’m deeply grateful to have met Ulrike and to have participated in her NVC practice group. The experience was enriching because I got to meet people that, like me, were looking to improve the quality of their communication not only to others but also to themselves. The space facilitated by Ulrike always felt safe and welcoming where everyone could speak freely without being judged. I hold very dear every contribution made in that space because it was honest and warm at the same time. The most valuable lesson for me was realising that although we all felt very vulnerable and fragile, there was a lot of courage and strength inside that we are most of the times unable to see. Being part of that group helped me start to see my own strength and I will be forever thankful to Ulrike and to everyone that participated in there.
    PhD candidate at Max Planck Institute for Immunobiology and Epigenetics

    Ulrike created a safe space, where our group was able to give trustful and honest feedback within the frame of NVC. Our group consisted of strangers in the beginning, but already after the first session, a close connection developed between the participants. Additionally, she encouraged us to implement NVC more and more into our own daily life. Thus, I learnt going into an inner dialogue with myself and practice NVC for specific situations I am dealing with.
    Strategic Science Manager at a Leibniz Institute


    Depending on your financial capacities, you can decide how much to pay from the range I suggest. If the lowest end of the scale is still more than you can afford, don’t hesitate to contact me. We will find a solution that works for both of us.

    In order to send you an invoice, I need your name, address and the amount you are willing to pay. Once I have received your payment I will send you a confirmation of your booking.


    The practice group will only take place with a minimum of five registrations. If you have already registered and paid and not enough people have registered for the group to start, you will get your money back within one week after the starting date.

    If you change your mind about participating, you can cancel your registration and get your money back up until two weeks before the start date.

    Any other questions? Let me know: ulrike@deinemonster.de


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