What if it was possible for you to appreciate and even welcome your unwanted feelings because you knew how to transform them into something that would make your life more wonderful?

Nonviolent Communication (NVC) is the best tool I know that teaches us how to do that. Here are some of the things you can learn by training your way of thinking and communicating to become more needs-oriented:


  • to be more relaxed and kind with yourself and others
  • to express yourself authentically
  • to increase the likelihood of getting what you really need
  • to find solutions that work for everyone involved
  • to be a change agent in the world without burning out

    NVC practice groups

    I offer regular practice groups where you can strengthen your ability for compassion, self-compassion and authentic self-expression.


    Nonviolent Communication is not an easy fix but requires your willingness to be honest with your thoughts and feelings and your commitment to a long-term learning process. Both require the courage to make mistakes.

    With your and your team’s willingness and commitment NVC, can fundamentally improve everyone’s happiness in the work place, because:

    • it enables true understanding of everyone’s needs
    • it offers a structure that helps create solutions that work for everyone
    • it transforms conflict into an opportunity for much needed improvement

    If you are interested in creating a suitable programme for your organisation with me, let’s have a chat: 


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