If you do not have a satisfying answer to one or more of the following questions, exploring them in the framework of coaching can help you create the foundation for self-care and genuine enjoyment of your work and life.

What is your internal response to thoughts and feelings commonly known as impostor syndrome? What do you do when confronted with nagging doubts about your competency as an expert and/or a leader?
What are the medium to longer-term effects of how you deal with the pressure you experience at work?
How easily do you let go after a day’s or week’s work? How clearly can you define the boundaries between work-related activities and rest/recreation?
What is your sense of agency in your work? How much influence do you have on decisions and events that have a direct impact on you?

If any of this is you, work with me. We will get to know your monsters and invite them to tea. You will find out what they want to do for you and what you can do for them so that, together, you become a more confident and calm version of yourself.


The power of coaching only unfolds with your commitment to walk the talk. It’s a lot like physical exercise, meditation, or learning a new language. Doing it every once in a while, or only for the first three weeks of the new year, is unlikely to get you the results you want. It’s only through daily practice that we change thought patterns and behaviours, and through a continuous reflection of our inner processes throughout this learning path. This is why my coaching offer is more like a gym membership or a meditation programme: to support you to follow through with your intentions.


  • We chat for 20-30 minutes (free) via Zoom.
  • You tell me what you are looking for.
  • I tell you what I can offer you.
  • If you’re interested, I send you an offer, the Coaching Agreement, and materials for our first session, the Journey Mapping.
  • You then decide if you want to work with me.
  • 120 minutes via Zoom.
  • Who are you now? We establish your starting point, looking both inside and outside of you.
  • Who do you want to become? This part is about carefully exploring your needs so that you can get to know a more peaceful future version of yourself.
  • We define 2-3 concrete actions or practices that lead you towards this healthier future.
  • We define corresponding Daily Questions with a tool called TrackingCoach.
  • We schedule a check-in call two weeks later to reflect on your experience and evaluate your progress.
  • You decide how to go forward from here.
  • Continued Coaching support in six 30-minute 1-on-1 sessions with me.
  • Close guidance by me through your documentation of your progress in the TrackingCoach App. We will adapt the Daily Questions to your needs to provide you maximum benefit.
  • Reflection and evolution of your strategies and insights.
  • Support in finding ways to overcome your inner and outer obstacles.
  • Exercises and workbook if beneficial for your progress.
  • Definition of next steps in each session.
  • Minimum duration: 6 months.
  • Continued coaching support in monthly 2-hour group sessions with 4-8 people with a similar Coaching goal.
  • Weekly check-ins (30 minutes) with an accountability and empathy partner from the group.
  • Close guidance by mw through your documentation of your progress in the TrackingCoach app. We will adapt the Daily Questions to your needs to provide you maximum benefit.
  • Group reflection on your strategies and insights.
  • Group support in finding ways to overcome your inner and outer obstacles.
  • Definition of next steps.
  • Workbook and exercises if beneficial for your progress.
  • Duration: 6 months.
  • Dates for a new group will be published here soon.
  • If needed, the group coaching sessions will be held in English.


I can’t believe – and that’s a compliment to you – how quickly you were able to create a safe space. I am not a super closed person, but the emotions further down, I really do not share. I’m really surprised how quickly I became comfortable in this group. You created that space and for some reason, even shy people felt safe enough. We had a few people in the group who were very shy and they also eventually started coming out of their shell.


PhD candidate (Biogeochemistry)

Working with Ulrike was a transformative experience. We started our sessions in the aftermath of the pandemic, and I was in a bit of a depressed state of mind, focused exclusively on work, unable to find joy or balance in my day-to-day life. One question that caught me off-guard was: What do you do for fun? This made me reflect on my life and recognize that changes had to be made. We have worked together on forming new positive habits – and the experience was really useful. Making a commitment to change and having a witness to your progress helped with the powerful transformation I needed.


Software Engineer

The biggest learning for me in our practice group was that happiness comes from inside, from accepting myself and seeing the value in myself. When you’re very critical to yourself you cannot be kind to other people. Being kind to other people is something that’s very important to me. I realised that’s not possible if I’m not kind to myself.


Program Manager (PhD in Epigenetics)

Nearly every session was super important. I took notes of absolutely everything. For example, the very first question “What’s alive in me right now?” and the second question “What would make my life more wonderful?”… You can understand a lot of what’s happening by feeling your bodily reactions. That was a revelation to me. My body talks a lot and I can simply listen to it to understand what it’s telling me.

The influence that NVC has on my dealing with stress today is massive. It changed my whole approach of myself.


Scientist (Phd in Ornithology)

I was under a lot of time pressure. I wanted to identify what the main sources of stress are, and see if they are what they are or if they were just in my head. To see my own thoughts materialise in other people’s words… that helped me address my stressors.


Scientific Coordinator (PhD in Biomedicine)

I learned something in every session. It was a whole process for me. I am still learning. One particular incident that I remember was when I shared something that was bothering me to a bunch of people that I did not know outside the group. The way they supported me and the way they empathised with me was as if they were in my shoes. That meant a lot to me. They were taking time out to support me and to be there for me. What you and other group members said brought me a lot peace. It was a really important day for me in this whole process.


PhD candidate

What impressed me the most was that we created a bit of a bubble where everyone was very eager to listen and to share. Obviously, we were all strangers and meeting every week online. It was such an immediate safe space that was completely unexpected from me.


PhD Candidate (Economics)

Mir hilft konkret, dass ich das Verhalten, das ich nicht sachlich/ unprofessionell finde, einordnen zu können. Wenn ich das einordnen kann, dann habe ich einfach meinen wunden Punkt erkannt, dann fällt es mir leichter, das beiseite zu schieben und zu sagen, der Fokus ist jetzt aber, dass wir das Projekt voranbringen. Wenn ich meinen wunden Punkt für mich formuliere, kann ich das akzeptieren und mich auf das Projektziel fokussieren. Dieses Selbstverständnis und Mitgefühl für mich selber – das hilft mir. Ich komme dann einfach schneller zu dieser Akzeptant dadurch, dass ich es klar formulieren kann. Dabei tue ich mich eigentlich eher schwer, Dinge zu akzeptieren. Aber das logische Nachvollziehen hilft mir dabei.


Strategic Science Manager (PhD in Chemistry)

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