My clients often find themselves in a professional transition period; for example from academia to industry or the non-academic public sector. Other clients are less concerned with transitioning from one industry to another but are looking for a complete reset. I work with private individuals who contact me directly, and with institutions offering coaching for their employees and PhD students.


Some of the results that clients have reached by the end of a coaching process include:

  • clarity about the next steps to master the transition into a new industry or a new job field
  • more confidence in their own capabilities
  • more inner strength and optimism to overcome an exceptional phase of stress
  • application documents that are tailored to make visible the best possible match between the client’s profile and the requirements of the desired job field
  • an invitation to a job interview
  • new contacts in the client’s future working environment
  • strategies how to solve conflicts at the workplace
  • extended knowledge about career options after a PhD in the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences


If you are a member of a graduate school, a university or another research institution, chances are that you will get funding for a coaching with me. To find out if funding is an option, please contact the person in charge of career development or human resources development at your institution.

If you want to work with me as a private individual just send an email to:

In either case, we will arrange a time for an informal chat via Zoom or Skype (approx. 20 minutes long) to talk about your case. This gives you the chance to get a first impression of me, so you are in a better position to decide if it’s a good match. And it gives me the chance to decide if your case will be in good hands with me – or whether someone else might be better suited.

One session usually takes 60 minutes and costs 120,- Euros (incl. tax). I will give you an estimate on how many hours we will need for your case. Most of my private clients come for something in between three and seven hours. (With institutional clients, the number of coaching hours can differ quite considerably.)

No coaching process is like another. External events that we can neither predict nor control can have a huge impact on the original coaching goal. For this reason, I prefer a process-oriented approach, in which both you as the client and I as the coach can end the coaching at any time.


By now most of my coaching sessions take place online via Zoom and I am no longer surprised how well this works. I suppose that this trend will outlast the pandemic. If, however, you prefer coaching onsite (and provided that the current Covid-19 regulations permit), I am more than happy to book a beautiful coaching room for us (in Bergmannkiez in Berlin Kreuzberg). The price for one hour will then be 140,- Euros.


We finished our coaching almost one year ago and I just wanted to tell you how my path continued. After the coaching, I started training for UX designer with Cimdata. The jobcenter paid for this 5-months-training. In October, I found a job and in November I started as Junior Conversion Analyst with a big marketing agency in Berlin. So I work in the UX/conversion field as strategic consultant for big companies. The job is super fun! Most of my colleagues have a background in psychology or business administration and I am really glad that although (or because?) I have studied something else I feel like I belong there and can contribute my specific expertise. I wanted to use this opportunity to thank you again, dear Ulrike! You really helped me find orientation with my career planning and opened a perspective to me that I would never have thought of without you.

Art historian - One-on-one coaching with Goldnetz

Now: Junior conversion analyst at a big marketing agency

Most of all, this coaching gave me self-confidence! Specific aspects that helped me:

  • Working on an answer to the question why my previous position ended
  • Being able to talk to my future employers at eye level by asking questions
  • Being better able to formulate my own requests

I got particularly positive feedback on my self-presentation from the people who interviewed me for my new position. I was able to enforce my wish for an 80% position. Regarding the salary, I got only slightly more than my last salary, but negotiated a bonus if my employers are satisfied with my performance at the end of the year. The firm is very small and still in the startup phase and I am their most expensive colleague.

Architect | Private one-on-one coaching

Architects firm in Berlin

I have tried out your suggestions of prototyping conversations and saw the conversations I had been planning more as a way to test my hypotheses. The meeting at the start-up was refreshingly positive. I had more of an impression that I might fit to the team and their environment than during my visit of the corporate enterprise – and, more importantly, that the people their actually enjoyed their work. In addition, I skyped with an alumnus of my group who went back to Canada and is now working with a start-up in a similar field. He was able to dissolve some of my doubts, as he seemed much happier than during his postdoc time here in Germany. At the end, I decided to go for the job at the start-up and signed their contract around Easter, since I had this one offer that seemed interesting to me (and the idea to call it off and to apply for postdocs anywhere seemed not attractive enough in comparison). I will start my new job in July.

PhD Quantum theory | Private one-on-one coaching

Now: Developer with a startup for simulation software

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