Happy after academia!

A 6-months coaching journey in community for researchers looking to create a fulfilling career outside of academia

Supportive Community

Always have someone you can call for a dose of empathy or advice.

Orientation & Tools

Know what do to when and how to succeed in your career transition.

Personal Coaching

Get help with unstucking yourself with the more complex issues.


I know the feeling. I also know what helps: a support system that will enable you to do what’s best for your future self. This coaching program is designed for precisely this purpose.

Meet your community!

Before you decide whether you want to embark on this journey, you probably want to know a bit more about it. The chemistry needs to be right, you need to be able to trust that you can learn well with and from your peers, and know that I am a good fit as your coach.

Next start will be on 4th October 2024. Let’s talk to find out if this is a good fit for you.



You will create possible future selves by integrating your values, strengths and needs. Your possible selves give you a sense of direction and ideas for concrete actions.

Session 2: Your favourite problems

You will know or discover who has the kinds of problems that you love and know how to solve. This will enable you to ask effective questions to the people who can answer them.

Session 3: Tell me!

You will have more confidence to talk about who you are when you don’t really know anymore who you are, by playing with a variety of storytelling principles.

Session 4: Increase your visibility

You will decide what concrete actions you will do to let others know about at least one of your future selves. Spoiler alert: there’s more than sending off applications.

Session 5: know your monsters

You will know how to meet your internal judgments with self-compassion and how to translate these nasty little voices into needs that can enrich your life.

Session 6: Decisions

Looking at the turning points in your CONNECT journey so far, we will celebrate your successes and evaluate  different approaches to making life-changing decisions so that you can move forward with courage.




Dr. Ulrike Schneeberg

Some of the more formal things I bring to this programme are my training and experience as coach: as a Professional Certified Coach, I adhere to the ethical and quality standards of the International Coaching Federation. Long before this, I lived in Paris for a year, studying French and working in a kindergarten. Then I spent three years at the University of Cambridge, plus a year in Montréal as part of my degree in Modern and Medieval Languages. After an M.A. in comparative literature at Freie Universität Berlin and a PhD  in American culture at Humboldt University, I gained some valuable insights and experience in the Berlin startup scene, with roles in marketing and fundraising.

Some of the less formal things I bring are my love for music. I sing in a small, self-organised, queer ensemble, mostly Baroque and Romantic acapella stuff. And books!  Reading (mostly) contemporary fiction and non-fiction about why humans are so strange brings me great joy, comfort, and inspiration. I’ve been a mother for over 14 years now (wow! So long! – My first child was born when I was 25). For almost just as long I have been part of a queer and polyamorous family network. Some of my free time and professional skills go to a climate activist network called the Facilitators for Future. One thing I have recently discovered through bouldering and sports climbing: I can enjoy the process of learning something that I have no talent for. What a great discovery! (And how challenging that still sometimes is…)


The CONNECT community will be co-created by you and me: six to ten people who are all committed to building a small supportive network and contribute to each other’s learning and progress over the course of six months of developing a future professional self. Most participants work in different research institutions in Germany and other European countries, and have an international background and/or international research experience. The working language in our group sessions will most likely be English (unless German is the language that everyone feels most comfortable with).

CONNECT is for you if you are no longer sure if “researcher” is still the term that best describes who you want to be professionally. If you are used to being successful (also if that sometimes triggers your impostor thoughts) and if you care about making a difference with your work. CONNECT is for you if you want to find and create the working conditions you need to thrive – and if you don’t want to walk that path alone. 




Benefit from personal coaching both as the person being coached and as the person observing someone else in a similar situation being coached.



There is an alternative to building a new career alone: join our community to co-create a space for empathy and accountability.



Our online sessions allow people from different research institutes in Germany and Europe to join this programme. You will benefit from the group’s diversity, experience and networks.



Tools, models, and guides that cater to individual learning styles – for people who love structure and research- and experience-based content.



The coaching programme was a great emotional support. Exchanging with my empathy and accountability partner every week was extremely fortifying and encouraging. It is so effective just to say things out loud. One key moment for me was the telephone call with you when I suddenly realised that so far I had only been looking for available jobs rather than asking myself what I want. That meant an enormous shift so that I started searching with a clear target and focused on strategic visibility. I also learned how much faster I can reach my goals when I start doing instead of overthinking everything. I now have a full time position in the area of project coordination at a university. I cannot imagine a more wonderful outcome of our coaching journey! 🙂 I am more than happy and can finally relax again. Many thanks to you for your incredibly great support and your many helpful and inspiring recommendations that helped me through a very challenging time.

Dr. Mona Stierwald

Postdoc in Linguistics, became Project Coordinator at Goethe University Frankfurt

My time with Ulrike was full of learnings and energising at the same time. She drew my attention back to my transferable skills every time I focused on my “transition gap”. Thank you! In short, I was invited to an interview and got the job.

Dr. Antje Girndt

Postdoc in Ornithology, became Project Manager at Bertelsmann Foundation

It’s good to feel the wind under my wings again. I’m grateful for this group. It really helps not to be alone with this.

Marianna Zosimidou

Research Assistant in a museum for contemporary art, in the process of becoming her new future self

I learned a lot from you. For instance, before I applied to SAP, I contacted my friend who works there. He organized a small tour for us. I met and chatted with his manager during lunch, and he showed us what daily work life is like. When I applied for the job later, my current manager asked my friend’s manager about me. I think the interactions we had – and which I initiated thanks to your training – were very helpful for getting the job.

Dr. Yuan Wang

Postdoc in Astronomy, became Developer at SAP



2.5 hours per month

For online group coaching sessions.


1-2 hours per week

For taking action on your goals.


30 minutes per week

For structured peer coaching with one or two partners from the group – via phone, video or in person.


1190,- EUR

If your research institution, postdoc or mentoring programme is a cooperation partner of CONNECT, you may be eligible for financial assistance. Drop me a line to find out.



When does the autumn programme start?

The next start will be on 4th October 2024, 2pm to 4.30pm (CET). Before you can join, we will need to find out if you, the programme, the other participants, and I are a good fit. Simply book a call using one of the buttons on this page.

What are the other dates and times of the group sessions?

All 6 sessions take place online, on Fridays, from 2-4.30pm.

Session 1: 04/10/24

Session 2: 08/11/24

Session 3: 06/12/24

Session 4: 10/01/25

Session 5: 07/02/25

Session 6: 07/03/25

By when and how can I register?

Once we have talked and both think that this would be a good fit, you can book your place by making the first or the entire payment. 

What if there are no places left?

I am planning to run this programme once or twice a year. Stay in touch by signing up to my newsletter. And you can always get in touch with me if you are interested in 1-on-1 coaching.


I invite you to come and meet me and potential participants for the next round of CONNECT. We will have the opportunity to introduce ourselves and chat about your goals and, if you like, areas where you feel stuck. I will tell you more about the programme and you can ask questions.

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