My name is Ulrike Schneeberg. As a certified coach and trainer based in Berlin, I offer researchers, and other professionals and teams with inquisitive and creative minds, transformative coaching programmes and trainings to grow their (self-)leadership skills so that they can make an impact in the field of their choice.


My first serious encounters with monsters were through literature. During my B.A. at Cambridge and Montréal, and later my M.A. and PhD in Berlin, I studied their usage as metaphors for everything designated ‘unwanted’, ‘not normal’, and ‘dangerous to the existing order of things’. By reading vast amounts of stories in six different languages and spanning three thousand years of literary history, I trained my senses for recognising patterns and systems in individual narratives, across cultures and time.

How this helps you: I find it easy to grasp my clients’ individual challenges within the complexities of the different systems they live in. I am convinced that we can all be active and playful creators of our own stories (and the monsters in them). This helps you to fully step into your potential to change your personal existing order of things.


After my PhD on monsters in English language picture books, I encountered an entirely different species of monsters: those inside myself. They hit me with full force. Nagging self-doubt paired with depression and a lack of professional orientation. My personal crisis marked the beginning of a deep transformation that kept me on my toes for more than two years. I wrote another book, this time about my own monsters and those of 25 other people who had already successfully dealt with theirs in their own professional development. This was also the time when I first encountered Nonviolent Communication. Through it I learned to meet my own monsters with curiosity and love – which led to an unexpected sense of freedom and self-confidence.

How this helps you: The space I hold for you is one of safety, acceptance and friendly curiosity. Whatever your personal monsters, they and you are welcome. Together we will make sense of them, so that you can finally start to work with them instead of against them.



I earned a B.A. (University of Cambridge and Université de Montréal), an M.A. (Freie Universität Berlin) and a PhD (Humboldt-Universität Berlin), supported by the German Scholarship Foundation, and worked as research assistant and guest lecturer.


It’s part of who I am and informs my appreciation for people’s differences. I know what it’s like to feel vulnerable but also how to stand up for my values of authenticity and compassionate connection. I’m part of a committed and stable polyamorous family.


Rather than one-off coaching sessions, I offer structured programmes that provide orientation in times of transition, and motivation to stay focused on your goals.


A mother since 2009, I am familiar with the joys and the challenges of being a parent who is constantly trying to find a balance between family, work, relationships, and selfcare.


Apart from leading my own business, and leading groups during workshops, I co-lead a self-organised, queer vocal ensemble, and the onboarding team at the Facilitators for Future.


I don’t think of myself as an “activist”, but I do dedicate some of my free time to a climate protection network called Facilitators for Future where we support climate activist groups and other organisations to build a sustainable future for everyone.


Change can only happen through action. I have found that breaking down big goals into small action items that are easy to carry out repeatedly over time is the simplest cure against our overdeveloped bias to (over-)thinking.


I have lived in France (one year), the UK (nearly four years), and Canada (one year). One of my partners and parent of our children is originally from Hong Kong. I have coached or trained individuals from more than 45 different countries.


I completed three in-depth coach and train-the-trainer qualifications. Certified by the International Coaching Federation, I adhere to its ethical standards and to continuing my professional development.


Storytelling, internal and external constellations made visible with physical objects, using CVs as versions of future selves, imaginary inner journeys, body work… I use different approaches to go beyond my clients’ cognitive levels of change.


Before finding my calling as a coach and trainer, I gained practical experience in a Berlin-based startup and a social initiative, with roles in fundraising and marketing.


Increasing human knowledge to dismantle biases and find solutions to the world’s most pressing and complex problems is one of the societal pillars that gives me hope. I am grateful that my job involves supporting researchers to improve the quality of their work experience.


I offer a limited number of free coaching calls per month. This gives you the opportunity of getting to know me and my coaching style before you decide how to continue. And we can both find out if the chemistry works.

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