Whether you’re navigating the complexities of academia or grappling with leadership questions inside or outside of it, my tailored coaching offers a safe space for exploration and growth.

I believe that you are likely to enjoy my way of coaching if, like many of my clients:

        • You are used to being successful, with occasional or regular visits by impostor thoughts.
        • You really want work that makes a difference in the world.
        • You care about gaining and maintaining good relationships as a major element of a supportive work culture.
        • You see change, especially when it’s unpleasant, as an opportunity to develop as a person – to become a little bit more free.


With over six years of coaching and training experience across all hierarchies in some of the largest research institutions in Germany and Europe, I have a keen understanding of the unique challenges researchers face. Further, partnering with coaching clients from fields outside of academic institutions, such as not-for-profit organisations as well as for-profit medium-sized and larger companies, keeps broadening my horizon. Read more details about my experience here.




Embark on a structured journey designed to address your specific goals and challenges. Together, we’ll map out a comprehensive plan to navigate obstacles, develop leadership skills, and create a fulfilling career path. Through personalized sessions and actionable strategies, you’ll gain the tools and confidence to thrive in your professional endeavours.

The modules of this program are based on those of the CONNECT community program. The difference here is that you can start anytime and you have a lot more individual 1-on-1 time with me, which makes it easier to adapt the program to your needs.


Prefer a more fluid approach to coaching? Opt for a retainer package that provides you with the freedom to use your coaching hours as needed, without predefined structure. Whether you seek guidance on career transitions, leadership dilemmas, or personal development, your coaching time is yours to utilize as you see fit. This flexible arrangement ensures you have the support you need, precisely when you need it.


Ich habe Dich als sehr strukturierte, flexible und wertschätzende Gesprächspartnerin erlebt. Besonders wichtig und hilfreich waren für mich die Momente, an denen Du eine konkrete Einschätzung aus Deiner Perspektive heraus gegeben hast, um meine eigene Position klarer zu umreißen. Das hat es für mich einfacher gemacht, mich auch von außen zu betrachten. Wichtig waren für mich auch gerade in den letzten Sitzungen die konkreten Tools, zum einen die Flowchart (die ich gerade heute morgen angewandt habe und erfolgreich eine Sache abgesagt habe, die mich nur Arbeit und ein schlechtes Gewissen gekostet hätten), zum anderen die „Glaubenssätze“, die ich mir für heute morgen vornehme.

Vielen Dank für Deine Begleitung und die tollen Impulse.


Professorin für Musikpädagogik

Working with Ulrike was a transformative experience. We started our sessions in the aftermath of the pandemic, and I was in a bit of a depressed state of mind, focused exclusively on work, unable to find joy or balance in my day-to-day life. One question that caught me off-guard was: What do you do for fun? This made me reflect on my life and recognize that changes had to be made. We have worked together on forming new positive habits – and the experience was really useful. Making a commitment to change and having a witness to your progress helped with the powerful transformation I needed.


Software Engineer

The first session was already a great experience. The materials you sent me beforehand were fun to work through and insightful. They got me thinking more concretely about my strengths, skills and values, and we could build on that in the session itself.


Staff Scientist (PhD in Theoretical Biology and Bioinformatics)

My new job is super fun! Most of my colleagues have a background in psychology or business administration and I am really glad that despite (or because of?) my degree in art history I feel like I belong here and can contribute my specific expertise. You really helped me find orientation with my career planning and opened a perspective to me that I would never have thought of without you.


Conversion Analyst (M.A. in Art History)

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